Welcome to samarskaya.com, a gateway and accumulation of various projects and initiatives that I have been involved with. Am based in Brooklyn, NY where it is Generally, input exceeds output, but the latest updates on are Free Range Blesk () and out beyond this site Trump unfit to be U.S. president, Democrat Pelosi, conservative Bolton agree ().

Blesk is featured on Working Not Working.

“For those of us unversed in the annals of typeface design, we can sometimes take lettering for granted. WNW Member Ksenya Samarskaya is not one of those people. She can hold court for hours on the subject of typography, expounding on the intricacies of a glyph and teaching us new vocabulary. Though Ksenya has made dozens of typefaces before, they were always for clients. Now, Blesk is out and it's all her.”

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