Welcome to samarskaya.com, a gateway and accumulation of various projects and initiatives that I have been involved with. Am based in Brooklyn, NY where it is Generally, input exceeds output, but the latest updates on are The Tenth Life at +Rosebud () and out beyond this site Trump unfit to be U.S. president, Democrat Pelosi, conservative Bolton agree ().

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+Rosebud’s 6th issue just came out, focusing on the concept of the IDEAL. Inside, you’ll find a set of my illustrations exploring the vast array of options and decisions we all encounter in this day and age.

Investigating the ever-expanding feeling of being in the hot seat of choosing (or the illusion of choosing) our fate, the illustrations present the reader with a fill-in-your-own flowchart of options, dead ends, consequences, and taxidermied housecats. Designed those that are no longer contempt with just one life, that want preemptive certainty of choosing the right options, or for those that simply want to live all nine lives simultaneously.

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