Welcome to samarskaya.com, a gateway and accumulation of various projects and initiatives that I have been involved with. Am based in Brooklyn, NY where it is Generally, input exceeds output, but the latest updates on are R.T.T.M.T.T.I.C.I.T.M.O.A. () and out beyond this site Exclusive: Amazon in contact with coronavirus test makers as it plans pandemic response ().

I’m excited to announce the upcoming opening of R.T.T.M.T.T.I.C.I.T.M.O.A., an installation art piece that I participated on in collaboration with the Flux Factory. Answering the question of “What would Tatlin’s Tower be like if it was an ongoing construction in a 1,500-square-foot room with 12-foot ceilings and was designed to be a nice place to spend a day in?” -- the installation features video, theater, a kafeteriaria, a radio station, and much much more. And, of course, with custom lettering in the Constructivist style. As quoted in NY Press: “Very clever. But also very fun.”

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