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Conversations aren’t flat, they live in space. Are they whispered? Yelled? Are you leaning in as you talk or pivoting away? Exploring these dynamics is an infographic printed in the latest issue of Is/Not magazine. -- Asking the always pertinent question of “is bigger really better?”

The magazine initially intrigued me in its format, which is published as a 192 cm by 143 cm paste-up to be pasted up on walls throughout Australia. In this issue, a 192 cm chart at the bottom allows you to explore your conversations in real-space.

Extrapolating from Edward Hall’s study of Proxemics, the type-illustration charts the dialogue excerpted from Harlequin novels and plots them against catalogued intimate, personal and social distances, their varied significance, and the waning and waxing of our different receptors as categorized by vision, touch, sound, scent and heat.

Ask your friends and strangers to talk to you in front of the map, and gauge how you compare.

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