Welcome to samarskaya.com, a gateway and accumulation of various projects and initiatives that I have been involved with. Am based in Brooklyn, NY where it is Generally, input exceeds output, but the latest updates on are Mio Tokida () and out beyond this site Trump unfit to be U.S. president, Democrat Pelosi, conservative Bolton agree ().

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Mio’s upcoming jewelry line was composed out of strands of chain, delicately and precisely linked together. In working out her identity design, I was excited about the possibility of having her card be an inverse of her final product, as if the chains could've been gathered from the missing punches of the card. The lettering treatment was hand arranged out of 318 2pt dots, which were then die-cut out of polished thin steel.

These cards are at their best backlit, or with the cityscape showing through the perforations. Or, perhaps hovering or leaning, leaving elongated shadows of the type underneath. We've gotten amazing response back for them so far, and am looking forward to extending the design to the rest of her branding and packaging.

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